Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Let's compare, Shall we? (Fitteds)

So, I've been trying all sorts of cloth dipes because there are so many different kinds out there! Let's start with the basics: Fitteds
(okay, the basics would really be pre-folds, and from there, contours, but fitteds are just a step up from contours and viola! Basics!) Besides, I've decided with Vi, I'm not doing pre-folds any more. Fitted are way more fashionable and I like going coverless at home. Then I know when she goes, and I can change her more often.
So, back to fitteds. I will update this list as I move on in my experimenting, but I want to show you the price-comparison of the different fitteds on the market. I'm going to list these from most expensive to cheapest.
Also to note, these are all one-size. I believe in one-size diapers because then I don't have to buy 3 sets of diapers. You can make the argument that you would resell the diapers once you are done with them, but I figure, make the investment, and use what you got until potty learning.
I should also note - I like to buy my diapers NEW. You can always chose to buy used diapers, and that would reduce the price, but for my purposes, I'm talking about new.
1. Goodmama.
Ah, the goodmama diaper. A luxory diaper. An expensive diaper. A cute diaper. An absorbent diaper. An overpriced diaper. Bottom line: goodmama has good diapers. Goodmama fitteds retail for $33 each with their cotton velours at $29 each. There are many, many alternatives, (as I'll show you below) for goodmamas. Don't get me wrong. When there's a sale, grab a few prints that you like, otherwise, pass.
Absorbency: It will hold a few potties or one big "urinating event". (However, I've had a blow out in this diaper, so take it what it's worth.)
Cuteness: Okay, they do have really, really cute prints. And the have lots of customs done.
Fit: There is one thing that I've heard about yet not yet experienced: wing droop. On larger babies/toddlers, the "wings" of the diapers can slip down and the diaper can fall off. I would guess this is due to poor elastic or poor placement of elastic. Other issues for babies with sensitive skin is the exposed snaps and the serging rubbing against soft skin. Red marks tend to ensue. I should note, this diaper, like the two listed below all have a "two-snap" snap in soaker. I'm going to have to take a picture of this. It's important because you can always grab a soaker from a Bububebe and stick it in a goodmama, and vice-versa.
Fluff for Buck: Uh, $33 for 1 diaper? plus shipping? yeah, I know it's a one-size, but come on.
2. BubuBebe
My first alternative to the goodmama. Instead of a insert with 2 layers, these dipes have 3 layers in their inserts. And they all separate from each other for custom absorbency. PLUS there are two extra snaps in the front for easy snap down for small babes. There are also extra snaps in the soaker so that you can flip it around and stick it around in the front, if you aren't folding down the diaper.
Absorbency: A+. It's nice to have the bamboo fleece, the velour, and it's all customizable. I swear, this thing could contain a gallon.
Cuteness factor: It's comparable to goodmama. Really take a look.
Fit: This is okay. I do like that these diapers tend to be the longest out there. I think the rise is like 20 inches, but the elastic is really close to the ends; the diaper tends to bunch up leaving red marks. But, they are really, really trim. The goodmamas are about 6.5 inches; the bububebe is only 5.5 inches.
Fluff for Buck: Pass. Really. Unless you need to build a stash (Read: buy 5 or more diapers) AND they are on sale (regularly $28), just pass. Plus you'd have to pay the shipping costs, from Canada.
3. Piddle Poddles
The next alternative to the goodmama. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference. These WAHMs use the same cute prints as goodmama, they have the same type of soaker. You can use these interchangeably with the goodmamas.
Absorbency: Uh, yeah. See the goodmama right up. Although, one of my soaker's stitching has come undone. It doesn't really effect the function, but it is sad to see.
Cuteness: OMG! I love these. This would be the main reason that I buy these.
Fit: If I gave out points, this is where I would take away 5. The PP's are big and bulky. The width is also 6.5 inches, but I just feel like these aren't as squishy as a goodmama.
Fluff for Buck: $27. Okay, so that's 6 bucks less than a goodmama. But still expensive. Good news is that they have sales all the time. Bad news is that you will always have to pay shipping.

Alright, I have several more that I know that I want to review, but let's stick to three for now, and I'll add more later (along with pictures). In my stash, I also have sticky peas, guerrilla fluff, kooshie keister, patooshie pants, bagshot row bamboo.