Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My favorite diaper...

I love gDiapers! I do. Now, I know, some may say "but they're not REALLY cloth". Ah, well, now they are! There is now gCloth.

I can't wait to try these!!! Also, gDiapers has a new pack of little gPants (their diaper covers) - the everyday six-pack. Now, normally gPants retail for $16.99, but the six-pack is only $70. And of course, I wouldn't be doing you justice without a discount code. Use the code "g1140Bennetts" to get $30 off the everyday six-pack. That's 6 covers for $40. Not bad I say. If you add in the cloth inserts for $29.99 and the $9.95 shipping, you get 6 diapers for $80. The code is good until July 31st, 2009.

Oh, not a fan of gDiapers you say? Well, from what I hear, the inserts are perfectly sized for the pocket diapers out there too.

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