Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just keepin' up with the sales

I'm neglecting my blog! I'm neglecting me. I certainly hope I'm not neglecting my children. I don't think so. I know it's been 8 days since my last wash, but the diapers are clean now! I'm lucky that I live in such a dry climate; now, if only I can get another good sale on rockin green hard formula.
Well, I did find a discount on Green Sprout Baby Diapers. I did a quick google search and voila! 10% off. It was enough to cover shipping, at least.
I was also planning this huge, wonderful rave for Patooshie Pants, but then she closed her store! I was SO sad. These diapers looked just like goodmamas, and they fit the goodmama inserts, but performed even better because they had a larger overhang from the elastic, and the bamboo fleece was amazing.... ahh..... I'm glad I spent the extra money to get 4, cuz they are honestly my favorite diaper.
Any who, I hope you (like I) have been able to grab some of the free diapers thanks to the Mothering magazine coupon. Haven't you heard? See my button for mom's milk boutique over there on the left? Free shipping and free bumgenious AIO diaper with a bumgenious purchase of $10 or more. Or, try Abby's Lane and tell her that Shanna @ cheapfluffybunz sent you. Both are free shipping. (She asks for $25 BG minimum, but hey, that's trying out the flip, right?). I LOVE the flip diapers. They work so well with my gDiapers. Also try Squishy Tushy for the free BG AIO. Free shipping on orders over $35.
And what else? Oh yes, Blueberry Diapers just stocked their clearance section. With prices like these, you don't have to buy used diapers!

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