Saturday, July 4, 2009

Did you want those LIMITED EDITION BumGenius?

A friend of mine recently lamented the BumGenius Limited Edition with FLEECE because she thought she missed out on them. That's right Cotton Babies came out with a BumGenius with fleece instead of suedecloth. She then found them somewhere and bought 6. Great I said, but next time don't pay shipping. Even better, get a DEAL. Like this one:
If you get 6 BG Fleece diapers from, the total comes to $105. THEN, at checkout write "FREE BG Tee" and let them know if you have a boy or girl and indicate 2 sizes that you would be willing to accept.
So, that's means 6 diapers and one BumGenius tee or onesie, like the one below, all for $105. Come on, you know they have a good resale value. And they ARE Limited Edition.

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