Monday, July 27, 2009

Looking Back

It's a Carnival! Find other mamas who use cloth diapers. Cloth Diapering Bloggers has been founded. Our first carnival is what you wish you would have known then that you know now.

I CD both my girls, and Jo is now 4 years old. With her, I used a diaper service. OH MY GOSH. You're telling me that I could have investing in goodmamas, or bumgenious and then I wouldn't have had to buy any for Vi? *Smacks forehead several times.*

You see, I'm afraid of poop. Well, not just poop, but most bodily fluids. Throw up, spit, blood, you name it, it pretty much grosses me out. I mean it. If a toilet is about to overflow, I run and hide. I didn't even change my first diaper until after Jo was 5 weeks old. (Yeah, my hubby IS that great.)

But, if I would have know how E A S Y it is to wash cloth diapers, I could have saved hundreds of dollars on new diapers for #2. I hung on to the diaper covers, and they are still in great shape. And I washed those. Seriously, what was I thinking?

I was thinking: I can't do this. No one has time to wash cloth diapers. I don't have the room to store them. I don't know what I'm doing.

Ha! Now I have two kids, and it's really easy to have Vi in cloth. It's even easier than a service. Besides, I get to pick out the cutest diapers for her and I get to use them again and again. (And they don't feel like they were baked by an industrial cleaning solution!)


  1. You know with my first I pretty much thought like that too. I thought the only way to do cloth was to use a diaper service and since that was the same price and I had read that the chemical a service uses to clean the diapers is as environmentally unfriendly as disposables I figured why bother? If I only knew.

  2. I think the idea of having to wash poopy diapers was one of the main things that kept me from trying cloth diapers sooner, amazing how much easier it is than I ever thought it would be.

  3. Haha! Great story. :) Some of my friends told me to go the diaper service route, but it never appealed to me. Your story is so upbeat and happy, and it makes me glad I didn't go there. :) And I love that cloth diapers can be good for the environment AND cost effective AND stinking ADORABLE!