Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm Grateful Giveaway

Contest Closed.
Ahhh... today was one of those days. I feel that my creator was sending me gentle reminders that I am not alone. I had a good day at work, I found a missing diaper. Traffic wasn't so bad. The sun was shining and I got to enjoy some of it. Most importantly, my girls love me and I love them. We shared a moment and we're happy. I'm so grateful for all that I have.
How about you? Would you be grateful if I shared something with you? Sure you would!
I love keychains. There is something about them that are practical yet excessive. They say "Look, here I am! With the keys." And, I love CD advocacy items... Fluffy bums are something that should be shown off. So, with that, I bring you...
A Happy Heinys key chain. Brand new for you. For FREE. Cuz gosh darn it. I like you. Well, I liked today, so I'll like you too. Wanna know what it looks like? Check out their new bear print:
And now the legalities: Only open to US residents. Closes Thursday, October 1st at 5pm PST. Winner will be picked by random. Please leave your email address in your post or your profile so that I can get a hold of you if you are the winner. Winner will have 3 days to send me their mailing address or I will pick another winner.
To enter, leave a comment below stating what you are grateful for.
Extra entries? Sure, I'm feeling generous.
For one extra entry:
Tell me what cloth diaper you would like to get on sale or your diaper that you love the most.


  1. I'm grateful that in these hard times, we are not struggling financially. It affords my new cloth diaper habit. ;o)


  2. I would love to get a Goodmama diaper on sale (I hear they are fanstastic!). My favorite diaper so far is the Smartipants. =)

  3. I'm so grateful for my wonderful kids and husband. My life's not perfect in any way but I'm so thankful for everything I have. I'm also grateful for a couple really nice cloth diapering companies giving me a couple diapers to try for free! That's so awesome :)

    Jmegrl37 at hotmail dot com

  4. I am dying to try Smartipants! My current favorite diapers are both Fuzzibunz and Softbums. Those are my sons faves too!

    jmegrl37 at hotmail dot com

  5. I am grateful for my 4 wonderful boys and awesome husband!


  6. I love my gro baby's..... But would like to see a sale, I could always add to my stash!


  7. I am greatful for my husband. He works so hard so I can stay home with our little boy.

  8. I would love for the Grobabys to go on sale so I can buy one!
    I do love my BG's.