Monday, September 28, 2009

gDiapers: My traveling diaper

I'll admit it. I like the convenience of a throw away diaper. I'm a working Mom, and I have someone who watches my baby while I'm at work. I'm sure that while she wouldn't mind the extra hassle of cloth, I am aware that she has a lot on her plate, and worrying about where to put the poo from the poopy diaper isn't one of them. (Besides, I HATE having to clean up poop... I blogged about it here.)
So, I use gDiapers. They are a hybrid diaper; cloth on the outside and papery pulp on the inside that will compost. (In my mind, this is becoming a trend with GroBaby coming out with Bio Soaker Pads and now BumGenius coming out with the Flip diapers.)
When the fam and I took Jo to Disneyland for her birthday back in June, we were gone for 5 days. I did still use pockets for my overnight diaper, with a wet bag, but I started that routine 2 days into the trip. The first two nights I do what I always do: gInsert, (maybe doubled,) with the little gPant, and then, a wool soaker over it. Tada! No leaks, no laundry!
If Vi had a poopy diaper that got a little messy, then it went into the wet bag. I could wash it when I got home. I swear, it's as easy as disposables without the rashes, worries, or concerns over environment. At the same time, it felt like cloth without the laundry.
Best of Both Worlds.
I need to edit to add that taking a few gPants, and the inserts adds very little bulk to my suitcase.


  1. I am getting ready to use gdiapers for the first time on our vaca in Oct! I can't wait to try them.

  2. I have considered gDiapers for travel - the downside is having to buy new diapers and cost me extra money. And I still need to have space for them since I will be traveling internationally and I do not think they will be available in Africa. :) But they do seem pretty cool.